Angolul jobban érthető?

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(lehet így jobban átjön)

Its very simple. The first thing you have to realize is what government truly is. We’ve been indoctrinated with the belief that government works for us and are there to protect us. Nothing could be further from the truth. We work for IT! We are cattle and are treated as such. We have no real power, only the illusion of choice. All parties work for the same owners of the system. This is done to keep the sheeple content and hopeful that they have a chance to change the system by voting for a party.
They are only voting for a new oppressor. Government is an institute that propagandizes, brainwashes, robs, oppresses, poisons, experiment on us, kidnaps, exploits, lies to, and even kills. This is the NATURE of the beast! Its a control mechanism that uses violence and deception to get its way. Similar to a mafia. The only difference between a gang and government is that one is legal and recognized/accepted as authority. They pretty much do the same thing. Exploit others. Again its the NATURE OF THE BEAST, not just this administration. ALL ADMINISTRATIONS… Once you get this through your head ALL will make sense. The government is not your friend. Its the biggest enemy to your freedom. Just think about it. Each new law is a restriction of one of your liberties. Not all laws will impact you directly but it does limit other decent citizens. Laws have nothing to do with justice or morality. You yourself can name few laws that you would deem as immoral. That should be enough proof that our law is based on power, money and control.

The government acts as a shepherd. We are the cattle. A shepherd doesnt love its cattle. It takes care of it in order to get the maximum output for his investment. If the cattle are mature enough or have become unprofitable, off to the slaughterhouse they go. Using this analogy and compare it to our current events, you can see why they have injected people with the juice. They say automation is taking over our jobs. We’ve become redundant, also a burden on the resources according to the elites. What do you do when a species puts the ecosystem in danger… you cull them.

Do you actually think that people who want to kill you will tell you their true intentions to your face? Really?? Are you surprised that politicians – professional liars – lie to you?! Really? What does that say about your intelligence/awareness if you would belief in my previous statement?

You may not be aware of government advancement in weaponry and warfare tactics. Take a look at This video explains a leaked document of NASA „The end of mankind”were they explain what the coming years will look like.

Its time for people to wake up to the truth of nature of the system we live in and stop being so naive. If you want more resources let me know.